"Logan Benedict is perfectly cast as the debonair Nick." - Parentmap.com

"Tall, dark, handsome, and mustachioed, Benedict certainly looks the part of a dashing 1920s gentleman. His deep, resonant voice would fit perfectly in one of the evening radio dramas of yore. He never falters, wavers, or stumbles in his performance." - Seattle Weekly


"Square-jawed, wavy-haired Logan Benedict stars as Jackson, alternately smoldering and sulking, a coiled spring of earnestness and testosterone amid the high-camp storytelling." -The Oregonian

"But this could all be for naught, if the major focus was weak, in the character of Jackson.  But, have no fear, Mr. Benedict is more than up for the task.  His physicality is exactly right for the sexy image that is portrayed.  His voice is exciting and his energy, boundless.  And his acting, in some of the more serious moments toward the end, is quite poignant.  An award-winning performance, if  I ever saw one!" -DennisSparksReviews

"Director Brian Weaver has put together a perfect cast, led by Seattle actor Logan Benedict as a rather petulant, quick-to-anger, quick-to-lament Jackson. He’s got that rock-star appeal, and exudes a vapid, self-centered presence even while he’s charming the crowds. Perfect for a politician who the people love to love. " -Oregonmusicnews.com

"Seattle actor Logan Benedict plays Andrew Jackson like the lead singer of Dashboard Confessional doing a turn on Lonesome Dove—he’s all swagger in his unbuttoned Henley and revolver-cased mike.  -Portland Monthly


" The 5th Avenue has the robust singers needed to sell this score, led by the power-voiced Morgan, Finley and Benedict. " -The Seattle Times

" As Benny, Logan Benedict earns points for his balanced portrayal of the conflicted rich boy who struggles to still hang onto vestiges of his old friendships " -Talkinbroadway.com


7/1/2012* Logan wins BEST ACTOR in a musical for his portrayal of Frank Butler - 41st Annual Oregon Theatrical Awards Society

"Performances worth noting are Logan Benedict as Frank Butler for his powerful singing..." -The Oregonian

"When Annie falls in love with Frank, played by Logan Benedict, the whole audience falls in love with their relationship because their on-stage chemistry is so strong." -BePortland.com


"Logan Benedict might well have stepped out of an illustrated book of fairy-tale heroes as Lancelot. One can't imagine the role's creator, a young Robert Goulet, having any better way with Lance's self-worshipping "C'est Moi" or packing more passion into his big love song (and most lasting standard) "If Ever I Would Leave You." -David-Edward Hughes, TalkinBroadway.com

" Gaston, who pursues the beautiful Belle with a stalker's zeal, is conceited, narcissistic and wonderful. He's actually gorgeous and possesses a deep sexy singing voice."-Everett Herald

" Gaston isn't totally lecherous, but rather a delicious combination of comic and conniving."-Everett Herald

" Benedict has truly perfected the art of making egotistical buffoons funny and making us root for him despite ourselves." -Everett Herald

“[Into the Woods] boasts affectionate mockery of two vain, self-dramatizing Prince Charmings, Agreeably portrayed and sung (their duet ”Agony” is a joy) by Michael Hunsaker and Logan Benedict.” -The Seattle Times

“[Michael Hunsaker and Logan Benedict] hilariously prance, preen, and self-pityingly sing of their agony...” -Seattle Weekly
“I haven’t had so much fun at the 5th [Avenue Theatre] since "Hairspray”.”-Seattle Weekly

“The other principals (especially Billie Wildrick, Leslie Law and Logan Benedict) are awesome.”-The Stranger

“...my favorite dancers were Rapunzel’s [Logan Benedict] and Cinderella’s princes. They dance on and go off with a ballet leap. They knew timing and how to milk that action.”-Tacoma Weekly

“Logan Benedict and Michael Hunsaker have a field day... their second-act reprise of ”Agony” plays to the production’s comedic strengths.” -Crosscut.com/arts-beat

“Cinderella’s Prince and Rapunzel’s Prince [Logan Benedict] are the two most entertaining characters throughout the musical.”-About.com

“Benedict affects a sweet, bespectacled Buddy Holly look, and uses his deep bass and lanky body to both comic and dramatic effect”
-The Boston Herald

“Logan Benedict takes the lead in a hilarious ode to men who work.”-Boston Metro

“Benedict’s performance of ”Sixteen Tons” is mesmorizing.”-Cape Cod Times

“Smudge [Logan Benedict] is an impressive bass-baritone...”-Boston Phoenix

“[Logan Benedict] sheds his specs for a steamy solo, Elvis’ ”Rags to Riches,” and winds up the show with an amazing transformation.”
-Dorchester Reporter

“Catch prisoner, Logan Benedict before he escapes the Calderwood Pavillion.”-IN News Weekly